Peter stands by the gate,
And Michael by the throne.
'Peter, I would pass the gate
And come before the throne.'
'Whose spirit prayed never at the gate
In life nor at the throne,
In death he may not pass the gate
To come before the throne:'
Peter said from the gate;
Said Michael from the throne.

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Such a great poem by Adelaide Crapsey....
A thoughtfully envisioned poem about life and death and their respective positions.
The drama wheel of life is mysterious. Adelaide Crapsey has greatly observed this and beautifully expressed the status of both peter in gate and Michael in throne. Both Peter and Michael from respective places have said the truth. Death is the final truth to take away everything including human bodies. There is no need to fall in ego.. Every material possession, status and fame we lose during death. Life is truth when we feel that we are souls. This is a great philosophical poem..10
A poem well named - Doom