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PKJ (September 25,1940 / Mavelikara in Kerala State of India)


On the same side of a city road
Four establishments side by side
Exist, housed in large buildings,
All engaged in different callings,
A Bar which serves foreign liquor,
A Pornography Show Parlour,
A popular Cinema-cum-Eatery,
And a huge Rare Books Library.
To control the entry into the first three
Of customers with a spending spree,
Policemen are struggling hard.
So large is the size of the crowd.
Programs run for twelve hours
Sales account in thousands of dollars.

Of the fourth, I am the sinecure chief.
All day long I sit and sleep.
Nothing there happens to disturb my sleep
Except the scampering rats’ screech.
On the unswept thick layer of dust
In the walkway starting from the gate
Leading to the portico and sit-out,
One can see only one person’s foot-print.
That is mine. My attendance is frequent
While my dejected staff remain absent.

Listen to the scampering rats’ yell.
To the human world they seem to foretell:
“If you neglect the printed word,
Towards doom you will push fast the world”.

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