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Doomsday Gratuity Commercial

Ashes on head Extras are free, bonanza Oscars gratuity,
Bianca, Bella catapult ashes to ashes -No Spirits in Charge
Incineration of sins purification is less than at all You think
(hard-kinetic sinners spirits gratuity)
Extra size hook-ups without any hiccups -any sexes are at large,
itinerary instruction Kleenex condom come for a wink
(Bella and Bianca with the Catapult - Disposable for Sex -Gratuity king)
Tea served with angel distilled tears, Joshua trees- free choice, stir gently,
(the rope ceremony hangman entourage gratuity)
VIP clientele, at express Moses, naked, blissful to the Moon-
(Bella and Bianca in Porno Special Escort gratuity)
Acid Water bare foot-skiing or mocking walking, somersaulting,
The last resort escaping
From the premises prescribed-
The marksman telescopic cannibal assigned
The Doomsday Eve Commercial
three(free) note-
no reading this or undergoing -
Only extra pharaoh modicum
Gratuity kingdom come and free

Eno Sutraman of Kingdom Come


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