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Door To New Pain

You’ve opened,
A new,
Door of pain,
More painful,
Than ever,

You’ve found,
A new,
Method to hurt,
More nasty,
To help settle,
Your score.

This room,
That I,
Find myself in,
Is torturous,
I cannot,
See light.

But you,
Will not,
Kill me,
Like this,
I won’t suffer,
Without a fight.

So think not,
That I,
Am defeated,
Be in no doubt,
You’ve opened that door,
Close it on your way out.

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (3)

I have a lot of confidence and admiration for brave women...Aisha, never be defeated!
i love this poem and the fight in the personality.
Yes, and a chill down my spine, as I was reading this...maybe because I have went through the same thing, but was not able to write about it, It takes lots of strength to write about this! ~~Elya Thorn~~