Doors Closing

How often has the door closed
on opportunity for me?
How many times have I shut it?

‘Well, open it again.' You say.
Not so easy when it‘s wedged
with prejudice, locked with lies

about your femininity,
jammed with judicial errors….
I am an opportunist and

I do truly believe as one
door closes, another - you know…
But sometimes, for my sanity

I take the easy way out. My
heart's the same. I'm not brave in
letting that door stand ajar, the

solid barrier protecting
my comfort zone… A jack-hammer
wouldn't be heard now! I'm deaf to

desire and numb to need. Wrap the
woollen blanket ‘round my feelings,
keep me warm, lock the door, pocket

the key - work and love in secret.

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by Frances Macaulay Forde

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