Poem By Brendan Miller

The natural chemical in our brains that
makes us feel happy.
The only thing is that my brain has a lack,
a shortage of dopamine but this doesn't
mean I'm trying to be mean it just means
that the dopamine that gets you through
your day I don't have.
This doesn't mean I won't
Scream and yell for all the wrong reasons
And even go as far as committing treason.

But I don't do this out of spite it happens
that I might end up hurting someone when
I don't mean it,
Because that lack of dopamine isn't
visible it makes my mind bleed with
thoughts of hate and anger
It turns me into a stranger

To everyone around me including myself,
because that lack of dopamine, doesn't
mean I'm being mean on purpose
In fact I'm just looking for my purpose,
Because that goddamn lack of dopamine,
Sometimes makes me mean.

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makes us feel happy, great line

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