Dorm # 812

your letter peeks out
from in between my bookshelves;
you have no idea how much I need you.

I refuse to falter to stumble or
I refuse to say I love you.

Springtime in Malibu,
we lazed on your dorm room floor
& supped root beer and vanilla stoli—

blurred silvers blues and yellow hues
played in the ocean’s palette
as I dared too far over your balcony.

we walked to a concert on the lawn
but the line was so long,
I awaited you with an idle impatience.

Leading me down
to the frothing embankment,
sandaled conversation fell by the way….


the letter now, exposed & hanging,
escapes the confining white pages
of dead authors.

the cool wind blew in from the
called me home.

Still I’m drawn to your soft strength
of such guidance
such courage

I’m too young to be reminiscing.

by s./j. goldner

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Dittoes to what everyone said. Strong emotions, and a revelation, too. Nice work, a[s us]ual.
i was appealed by the sci-fi title...the text is exploring the self of the author, i like this, who would do this without inner strenght...From my little point of view, this is well done sincerely
you're certainly not too young to write a great poem! ! ! This one's a killer! !
Oh no you're not to young... there is always something to look back upon with fond memories. dan
..Beautifully evoked..
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