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On appearances

While Dorothy was no different
from the rest of the class,
having committed to more than they could
and can accomplish,
she like all the rest
in her own way, stood out.
So, you remember certain things.

As example, in the first lab,
she showed up with the most ugly
set of protective eyewear you can imagine.
'Bad-ass' is the term that comes to mind.
They would have been great
for a shop class or a mechanic.
On the second meeting,
when it became apparent
that there was a supply
of glasses that were 'loaned' to the students,
she asked if she could trade.
Why not?
So, Dorothy who never called attention to herself,
was conscious of her appearance,
wanted to be just like all the rest,
although she was approaching 40.

The terrorist

In a discussion of Anthrax,
a particular devastating
bacterial disease of cattle and man,
I pointed out that anyone
with an understanding
of microbiology could culture this
'weapon of mass destruction'.
And, in addition the ingredients
were readily available at the supermarket.
As example, anyone
who made 'home brew'
could easily culture the anthrax organism
or many others of equal value
to a terrorist.
To emphasize the point,
I asked if anyone brewed beer,
to which, Dorothy
was the only one raising a hand.
From that point on,
some labeled her a 'terrorist'.

'I paid for the course and I'm going to finish it'

In late November,
it was obvious
something was wrong,
her voice which was never bold or loud
had a tinge of something in it>
which was just not right.
Sort of like
when you are talking about something
where you aren't real confident
and your voice is just a bit higher,
and not as strong.
Unknown to most of us,
she had been told that her cancer
had metastisized.

Well finals were approaching,
and one of her friends
asked why she was
studying so hard for the exam.
She replied,
'I paid for the course and
I'm going to finish it'.

On Compassion

And then,
one particular day
when the lecture I gave
was particularily bad.
And, I knew it.
What did Dorothy say?
Remarking about the grading policy
I had established,
but obviously with other meanings, >
she said;
'your a good guy'.


One writer
in trying to summarize her life,
concluded she collected memophilia.
(Frank Braun's 'Wizzard of Oz')
Dorothy collected people.

There was a bowling event
for a fund raising
that countless family,
fellow students
and other friends attended.

In watching one of the kids,
about 8 or 9 years old,
probably for the first time,
get a perfect strike,
you had to think
that he would always
remember this.

Someone commented,
'It's a shame Dorothy
isn't here.'
In looking about
at all her friends gathered,
I thought,
'She is.'

She died on March 28,1998 after cancer took its toll on her body but not
her spirit.

Somewhere over the rainbow -


Some students think the prof isn't watching, not paying attention to who they are and what they are doing. Well perhaps some teachers don't, but for the most part when you invest your time and efforts into a group of students you look for their idiosyncrasies and you remember them.


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