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Dotalar Landing Mukhomukhi Dujon
Ahsan Habib (2 February 1917 - 10 July 1985 / Pirojpur / Bangladesh)

Dotalar Landing Mukhomukhi Dujon

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First floor landing: A conversation Two flats are adjacent and face to face One standing on stair, another at the doorway : I think you are leaving! : Leaving. all the accessories are disposed. : It's all but a couple of years, is not so? : More than that. Shanu is your nick name, what's official? : Shahana, and yours? : Mabu. : I know. : Mahbub Hossain. You are a good at embroidery. : Who said? you are in final year honors, is not it? : Final year. : Honors in Physics. : What a surprise! Why did you drop suddenly? : Mother does not want to. I mean for co-education... : Drop it. Is you leg okay now? : How do you know? : That's somehow, has it recovered? : Not serious injury, the passage-way was slippery, I mean... : Not true. You fell from at hight... : Hang! Is that fair to annoy mom daily at dinning? : Mom told you? : I can hear. It's almost a couple of years, Is not so? : More than that. Is your plant blooming on flower pot? : you want it? Lets avoid. Rikswa has come, Mom is coming back, Let me go. : Never study in evening dark like that, it will damage your eye-sight, Let me go. : Middle button of your yellow shirt is missing, let that resattle, bye. Go, your mom is coming. My mom is calling me, bye. [Rahman Henry]