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Double Bubble - Double Trouble
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Double Bubble - Double Trouble

Double Bubble is not to be confused
With the chewing gum that issued
In 1928, just before
The market crash we all abhor.

Now comes another reminder
Of what happens when missteps occur
And regulators step in
Before the market's binge's end.

A double whammy (Double Bubble if you prefer)
and the Trouble is compounded as never before.

Stock Market

The stock market is now in an upswing
Only to surely experience another binge
Which will come
As more deals come undone.

For those who most wisely jump in
As they've decided the binge is at its end.
But will discover that there's still bite
In the market taking delight
In chewing up another group of bedfellows
As it cascades downward to new found lows.

We had those (Treasury and Fed) in the know
That wanted to protect the market from unknown lows,
Thinking the market would crash some two thousand points
Unless they took action to save a few joints.
Turns out they may be right
As the market can give up that much and more overnight.

Real Estate

And those in real estate so dear
Are far from being in the clear.
In buying properties at distressed prices
They are making 'educated' guesses
But may discover with a fright
That the bottom's no where in sight.


There are those that believe
That commodities grow on trees
And jump right in
Only to lose whatever skin
They put in the game.
Alas, it's all the same.

The moral is:
Be wise and don't be amiss.
In confusing the jingle for Doublemint*,
For a Double Bubble class event.

*Double your pleasure,
Double your fun
Chew Doublemint
Chewing gum.

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