Double Trouble

Jump into my tandem and hurried down the road
To get to the station so I could unload.
For I had things to do and that isn't bad.
For I had to unload the coal I had.
I called my baby to meet me on the double.
Didn't know I was bound to get in trouble.
But when I got through on my way back,
Boss said to hurry and get the truck back.
so I hurried down the road to get my next load,
When my boss came by he blowed and blowed,
For he got there before I could go,
And picked my baby up and took her to the show.
So now there was double trouble in the air.
When I saw him and my baby, what a pair.
So when I got through with that cheat and rob.
I knew there was trouble, had no gal or no job.

by Ethel Clinebell

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