Double Use

I never meant for him to be a liar
He was close and very dear
But some of the aspects really disturbed
I feel pinch and pain as if wound is rubbed

We try to defend our dear ones
Even if they are guilty with wrong things done
We suffer from inherent weakness
Yet we present it as brave face

I ask for self first to be a real
What is in life to conceal?
One must act honest when comes to deal
I have some hidden instinct to feel

I have no special reason to criticize
As I am unaware of its quantum or size
It is not possible to find a complete person
He may lie for some compulsion or reasons

We try to escape under silly excuses
Even with things on hand you try to refuse
These are small things but carry full weight
It takes time to judge what is wrong or right

It is advocated well in some of the cases
When truth is to be told with blunt faces
It may be considered right for general cause
It should have been condemned otherwise as it was

It will be better if we avoid double use
Either one accepts it or flatly refuses
There is no use calling others as wicked
Everybody else is same without cloths as naked

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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