Poem By Mandi Meyer

Broken down, cold and lonely.
Can't you see you are the only
One who makes me feel this way,
Like I can face another day.
How could I go on without you
If you ever went away?
What will happen if this kills you?
How will I get by each day?
Who'll be there to keep me sane?
How will logic penetrate my brain?
Can you really blame me for being afraid?
Losing you would hurt so much,
I'd have no one left to trust.
Could I then be strong enough
To live alone without your touch?
Without seeing the smile I love so much
Or gazing deep into your eyes,
Which make me feel almost hypnotized.
Could it be that i'm pretending?
That my apprehension, never-ending
Is only in my mind depending
On my judgement to concede
That my fears are just a lie?
With a bit of doubt showing in my eyes
This is what I now decide.
I have to believe that you will not die,
Because I cannot lose you, I'll die inside.

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Left alone I'm crying here,
No one sees me dying here.
You didn't care when you tore me apart,
Why should I think you cared from the start?


It's this or it's that but I really don't care.
I'm only concerned with the pain we both bear.
Ultimately the cost of blood is paid,
But I can't help that it's left me afraid.

Only One

You're the only one I need to make me feel that I'm alive,
And you're the only one I need to give me the strength to survive.
You're the only one I need to comfort and hold me when I'm sad,
And you're the only one I need to tease and love me when I'm glad.


Crushed beneath my shattered dreams
How cold and hurtful the world now seems.
With broken wings I cannot fly,
But without hope I'd rather die.


I've opened myself so much to you
But you still can't see what I need you to.
You still can't tell when I'm in pain
Unless it's so perfectly, obviously plain.