Poem By Tanayshia Rone

how can u claim to love me?
when u doubt me
you and doubt = love + me
did i add that correctly?
I am going to tell you how I feel directly
HAHA I bet this is a classic
if I give you my heart will you stretch it like elastic
will I give you my heart? naw I'm not that bold
lots talk about me and you as a whole
Danielle and Tanayshia together foreva
that don't sound right like hot and snowy weather
the two just don't mix
I mean I want us to be
but in ur mind I got another dude or chick
there goes that doubt again
when will that shit end
girl I love you
i was meant to love u every since my heart 1st beated
but now i am like Keyshia Cole I should have cheated

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last night as i sat up in my bed
all i heard was a voice in my head
not your pleasant sweet southern accent
but the voice of a devil calling those who dont repent

Yesterday I Decided

Yesterday I decided that there was no God
And if there was a God where is he
I decided that there was no purpose for me
I was placed upon this earth to hate and be hated

Love Is....

love is....
having someone to be with
having someone you can't be without
having someone you miss


i'm not mad i'm glad
that bitch was all I had
and now she's gone
this is a rhyme not a song

Dedication 2 Danielle

I dedicate this to you
yeah I am talking to the one that cheers me up
when I am feeling blue
the one that chases away my midnight fears