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EOE (Apirl 28 1986 / Otukpo)


The light became dark for night is here
again and i wonder how will it be in
heaven if there is one, will there be day
and night? will God judge us by our skin
colour? if so who will make it? the black
or white? the house the lamp of God
went to prepare how long will it take?
Are we going to pay house rent?
let just wait and see.

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Interesting reflective work... It seems to seek the origin of doubt, but simultaneously express the symptoms. A beautiful kaleidoscope of emotions.
we received the soul from God, and after death will return to be cleaned in its pure form, like gold in smelter and become brighter. God does not judge us by the color of skin but after our sins. there is no night in heavens, the light comes from God. man can gain eternal life even from here on earth, guarding Bible, loving Lord, loving our fellow man. who does so, will live even after death, ie moves from death to life. God bless you.
Wow, this poem is great.