Poem By nathalie candelaria

Come onto me dear and speak
Let your heart tell me how it feels
Hold my hands and gaze into my eyes.

Let me begin...
The day we met it was like fate
I always knew you were destined to be mine Time and time
I watched us grow
And for me it was my affection for you that grew
But i was merely your friend
The times i watched you with your girls
I admired what you offered to them
And i always wanted to be them.

But now i am her
I am your everything
Or so you say
And i just feel so doubtful
I am not what you want
But i wish i were
At times i go mad
Trying to relax
But my mind just wanders to...
How could you control so much of me
Why am i going thinking bout us.

You give me every reason to be happy
Because you are my happiness
But again with doubt
Are you happy with me?
Am i the only one,
Who feels the way i do?
Could it be I'm falling,
For you?
Is it cause i love you,
That i am feeling so doubtful?
Can it be my heart crying,
To make sure you stay?
To make sure i don't get left alone,
Still stuck on you
Pure perfection, finally has a name
And its you.

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