Doubt, Fear, And Hate Are My Fate

Long nights I sit.
I stare at space.
Another slit,
every day.

Deeper and deeper,
'till I fail to breathe.
The grim reeper,
then comes for me.

Black before my eyes.
Faint words fading away.
The sad sobs and cries.
There is no way.

No way out,
now it's too late.
There is only doubt,
fear, and hate.

Why didn't you care,
when I was alive?
You knew a share,
about my fight to survive.

Everyday you could see,
what I fellt inside.
You didn't care about me,
you just lied.

Told me things,
like a meant nothing to you.
Now I hear rings,
of your voice it sounds true.

Now it's too late,
to tell me you cared.
This is my fate,
now i'm dead.

You know what you did...

by Everlasting Nightmare

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