Give Me Some Poison To Live

Poem By Satish Verma

Your eyes they soften
When desiring me
And i see your secret look
And i know things
Are how they should be
As im reeling on your hook

Then gently we dissolve
Into each others souls
Rejecting the outer world
Both unaware of all but us
With heightened senses unfurled

And i do relish
Breathe and sigh
As you release your mind
Then you do warm
Sweat and writhe
This is our moment blind

No consciousness embarrassment
Nor wonder if we're in vain
Just total peace of mind and soul
As we reach our highest plane

And we do move
And breathe and sigh
Synchronised beyond belief
Then our eyes do melt at a joyous place
exhilaration surpasses relief
So i can sigh
smile at you
And you are knightly sure
As we lay in a silent air
Retracing a night thats pure

Thank you

Comments about Give Me Some Poison To Live

And I do relish........... Sweat and writhe This is our moment blind. True estacy in life, the body, the mind, the souls the breath all are just as one. All have merged and became estacy. Very sensuous poem.
A very nice sensuous poem Karen
A lot of beauty and deeply compassionate. It touched me. I am happy for you.Keep going, young lady
This is love. Thank you for sharing your intimate poem.
Beautiful poem Karen, very romantic and touching.

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