Doubting - (A Question Of Faiths)

Poem By Gordon D Wilkinson

Who says I should believe
Show me the evidence that your right
Not just something written down
The writer may have been seduced
Maybe he had an ulterior motive
The jingle of wealth and fame can do strange things
I see, it is your word you expect me to take
You cannot prove what you say
Give me the proof
Just one piece of physical evidence
I know you cannot do that
A believer I may become if you could
Do not just quote passages you know by heart
Even an actor can do a better job than that
At least they convey their message with passion
Making it sound as if it is true what they say
There is not one argument that you have given
Nothing that makes my mind, think any different
No proof is available
Everything is by word of mouth
Passed down, read from books
You may point to a cloth stained by an image
Images that formed with contact to skin
Hang a picture on a freshly painted wall
Leave it for a year or so
There is an image when you take it down
None of your arguments provides the proof I require
Is Hinduism better than Catholicism?
Cases made, for all beliefs
Made by those who believe
Religions there are many
Irrefutable proof, none
With the anarchy they provide
Best I stay atheist

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