Let go of the past and feel the to new heights with the spirit of the dove
Look up to the clouds and the nice blue more questions of wondering why

Feel the heat, the energy of the your time is not quite done
Fly all night, under the man in the'll be there shortly, very, very soon

Paradise awaits after the grove of the tree...listen and believe in the words of thee
Thunder will come, along with the keep flying, feel no more pain
Lightning may strike and push you a bird of prey, fly as if to attack

Know your worth and continue this flight...believe in yourself and in your inner light
Soar over mountains and even the sea...feel the light and love that is within thee

Thru the valley and down the are a dove and not a dope
Take cover within the answer within the walls of the taverns
Peek at the sand and be careful of the dunes...the light within you forever blooms
When this journey has ended, it's time to go...never ever stop, let the light continue to grow

by Dave Shemeley

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