Down At The Crossroads

Down at the crossroads
At the four way stop sign.
Stands a man who knows about the Lord
But only counts the restlessness
Of today's immediate time.

He stands in want
He stands in need
He knows his life is destined
He knows his life as society's suicide
But he still desires to succeed.

He feels he has nothing to live for
Although his soul begs and pleads.
For him to like his life
And not let his flesh
Fill him with so much greed.

He doesn't love what he is doing
He doesn't care for what he breeds.
He just answers to what he wants
He just craves to answer
To the fulfillment of what he needs.

The cross roads say which way to go.
The stop sign says when to stop.
This man whom God chosen from Genesis,
Gathers by his own merits
And Chooses another life to adopt.

He sees his destruction up ahead
He fears in his heart what he sees.
But he still fails to repent
And humble himself
He still doesn't fall to his knees.

He regrets the life he lives
And the responsibility he has laid on others.
He relentlessly oppresses himself
Even when he cries and thinks
Of his own dear mother.

He knows his chosen road
He knows his sign is filled with rust.
He knows his time is almost up
He knows he'll disappear by the grit
Of his own dust.

Laboring to sustain himself
He decides at the cross roads he must,
Finally give up his goals
Filled with life's stronghold
And rest upon the stop sign he can trust.

by Cecelia Weir

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A really great poem, like it. Great work.