Down At The Walmart Parking Lot!

Poem By ToddMichael St. Pierre

You do not hold what I hold dear,

And when I told you what I fear,

You laughed and said... 'That's mighty strange! ...

Just have a beer... This world won't change...

What will we care? ... once dead and gone?

You know it's all just overblown...

Global warming and world war three...

What worries you don't worry me! '

Still glad I put this in your ear...

We do not hold the same things dear!

What's dear to me is not to you...

Your simple truth is hardly true,

Your blurry lines of church and state,

Your holy/patriotic hate.

Your righteous war... your pius sword...

Joy of dear hunting for the lord.

See, I don't want what I ain't got,

Don't miss winter when it's too hot!

Won't cry for August when it's cold!

Young's OK but I don't dread old!

Seen UN-happy in old and young...

More hot!

More rich!

More thin!

More hung!

Don't want a real close parking spot,

Down at the Walmart parking lot!

Things that you find so fantastic,

Mass-produced and mostly plastic,

Such things carry no real weight here...









From the new (coming-soon) book... Storm Child.
From the new (coming-soon) book... Storm Child.

Comments about Down At The Walmart Parking Lot!

Todd, This is Terrific! Lots of valid points about where we are headed as a species, in most humorous fashion. -chuck

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