Bess Is Young, And Bess Is Fair

Air - 'Bess the Gawkie.'

Bess is young, and Bess is fair,
Wi' light blue e'en, and yellow hair;
And few there be that can compare
Wi' Bess, tho' she's a Gawkie.
When first o' Bess I got a keek,
Wi' smiles and dimples on her cheek,
I lang'd to hear the lassie speak,
But, wae's me! what a Gawkie!

Bess should like a picture be,
Nailed to a wa' whar a' might see,
And mickle thought o' she wad be,
And no kent for a Gawkie.
Oh, steek your mouth, then, cousin dear,
And nae mair havers let us hear;
Oh, steek out your mouth, and never fear,
Ye'se no be ca'd a Gawkie.

by Carolina Oliphant

Comments (5)

This reads like a song Charlie and a very good one at that. Great theme, rhythm and words. jim
Charming and wonderful write. Rollicking, and yet sentimental, a terrific sailor-song. Sail on, Charlie! I loved this.
Another wonderful poem, Charlie - I like the way it flows - like the river you write about. Lovely................... Linda
Pours over us in a way that only your work can.Brilliant.Love Duncan
Lovely tale Charles. The man with his love the river Patricia