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Down Memory Lane - In A Local Train
SM (5th October / Mumbai - India)

Down Memory Lane - In A Local Train

Poem By Sandra Martyres

It was a trip down memory lane
My journey on a Mumbai local train
Boarding the Ladies Compartment
I managed to land a window seat
Which in my younger days
Was considered the veteran’s treat
As only the fleet-footed and the agile
Were able to leap into the moving train
For these coveted seats to stake their claim

I watched as the passengers boarded
Most with household provisions loaded
But each with her own seat preference
Some chose to sit in the direction
Of the moving train
While others opted to be with friends
The short distance travelers
For convenience, just stood near the door

If you are a regular train commuter
You will probably wonder
What’s so special about this mundane routine
But believe me it is not as boring as it may seem
A journey on a local train can be quite an experience
The chatty ladies provide entertainment and education
All you need to do is to keep your eyes and ears open
To treat yourself to fun and free advice on any and everything

You can hear hot tips on the stock market
Get free lessons on bringing up children
Easy recipes for their teatime snacks
Quick home remedies for coughs and colds
On the lighter side there is the latest gossip on the stars
And opinions galore on the current TV soap operas
If you are lucky you may even get a slice of cake
In case a passenger decides her birthday to celebrate

I savored every moment of the trip
Listening attentively to all the ladies around me
Not being a regular I did not have my own clique
So I was free to choose and spent time listening
To the many animated discussions
Ranging from politics to children’s obsessions
All in all by the time I reached my destination
I had the sensation that I was wiser far than when I started out

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Comments (37)

Nice work madam. Keen observation. Congrats
A splendid slice of verse, young missy..No surprise to me, tho'...I've come to expect it from your jacket of literary jewels! ~FjR~
What a pleasure to find your poem on the first page dear Sandra! Lovely writing, your magic pen carried me back reminding me of own childhood times, yes, for me it was the same. Always a joy to read your poems, glad to find you!
Beautiful narrative poem, insightfully penned with conviction. I really enjoyed the way the story unfolded. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
Great enjoyment, great training, great observation during the local train journey in Mumbai contribute to make a great poem, par excellence. Hats off to you, Sandra.