Down On Jimmy’s Farm

The bloody foxes have been
At the chickens again.
This time they killed 12
Chickens,5 hens,
And 2 ducklings.
They didn’t even eat of half of them!
Just left ‘em there in
A bloody pile in the middle
Of the grass.
Bloody foxes.
We’ll have to get the gun out.
Can’t have them after
My chickens. It isn’t
Nice, but it has to be done.
The foxes must die.

All I feel is hunger,
And when I get that feeling
The only thing that satisfies it
Are those chickens strutting about.
Dive in, they don’t even notice,
The bloody fools.
Grab it by the neck,
Wring it till it stops,
And onto the next,
And thus a feast for the whole family.
Those humans are after us,
I see ‘em at nighttime,
In their car prowling about,
They almost got me the other night,
Maybe tonight I won’t
Be so lucky.

The fox has stopped coming.
He used to get through
The fence but we haven’t
Seen him for a week.
Killed my family he did.
Killed my brothers and
My sisters and my parents.
No, the fox didn’t kill my
Parents, the humans took ‘em away.
They took my eggs as well.
The humans come everyday and
Take another one of us away.
Strange that.
Wonder where they go?
Because we never see ‘em again.

© Charlie F. Kane


by Charlie F. Kane

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Ok it may be because... im young... but this confuses me... you switch up the story somewhat... lol can you explain... But i do like the first two where i wasnt so confused lol... Missy