Down The Back Roads

Cruising down the back roads
I see it in my rearview glass
A compact car gaining speed behind me
Tailgating; no broken line to pass
My truck has bigger tires
Yet it still moves along quite fast
Though I’m really in no hurry
I give it just a bit more gas
There is a fork in the road ahead
Where I know I’m turning left
My directional works just fine
This tailgater won’t need to guess
Yet the road ahead is a solid line
I’m not the keeper of the speed
Should I pull over to the right?
What’s the hurry? What’s the need?
I light a smoke and crack my window
Then I ease back in my seat
If this is some sort of race
I suppose I’ll just be beat
Turning the wheel I glide to the right
Slow it down; then put it in park
I let that compact car scream by me
And finish my smoke there in the dark
Where I’m headed they won’t miss me
If I arrive a bit behind
Like I said, I’m in no hurry
I don’t even know the time

copyright 2008 Cheryl A. Caron

by Cheryl A. Caron

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