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Down The Street
JJ (febuary 19 1995 / texas)

Down The Street

Poem By james johnson

Down the street is were they live.Gang bangers and drug dealers They think that they can get me but i'm to smart.Shoot outs and drug expo's every week.I can't live here it's to dangerous.But I never thought I would get shot and allmost die. I'm super lucky that my brother got me to a hospital in time.So I say to them just keep wasting your life you demons.

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Comments (2)

Wow so much pain is reflected but also a great deal of enlightment and understanding from ones mistake keep it up James............ Asia Jay
Its really good james. You have some great flow and your know what you right about which others will relize. Look at some other poems and earn how to struture them though. I wanna see some stanza's! ! ! ! ! Ashley