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Down This Road
WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

Down This Road

It's a long long road ahead
Mile markers are flying by
Trying to clear my head
This time I'm gonna fly

Cobwebs cloud my mind
Trying to shake them out
It's peace I'm trying to find
I'm leaving all my doubt

Longing to be happy and free
I wish this road came near
The exit I wish I could see
This road was paved with tears

This road we've all been on
Not knowing which way to go
Some have wrote about it in a song
Broken down and in need of a tow

Cowboys and rebels, business men alike
Have all left some of themselves
A hat, a jacket, or rubber from a bike
All will display it on their shelves

This road we call life is full of pot holes
Some we can avoid and some we can't see
We make friends and enemies down this road
All the while trying to be free

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