Down Through The Ages

Down through all the ages, ever since this young earth has revolved,
The Sovereign God of the earth and His Son Jesus have been involved.

As The Spirit hovered over the earth, void and covered in darkness,
God filled it with all kinds of life and a future that was endless.

After this God had said to His Son, Lets make man in our own image,
They then formed the woman from man and created an eternal linage.

And God's new creation was perfect with no sin or darkness at all,
But, because man couldn't obey one command through him it would fall.

So sin reigned unhindered affecting all men, the big and the small,
For the first two millennia, earth's inhabitants lived with no law.

For the next two millennia, God's plan would be a new dispensation,
And through Moses, God implemented The Law, to touch every nation.

But even with The Oracles of God, man on his own became a disgrace,
So for the last two millennia, we have survived only by God's Grace.

As the present age ends, all who love God won't be left in the lurch,
For on The Day of Christ, Jesus will return to take home The Church.

This will end The Day of Grace, and God's Judgment will commence,
As The Day of The Lord begins God's wrath on all evil will be spent.

After seven years Jesus will return to reign in Splendor and Majesty,
And after the last millennia, The Day of God will usher in Eternity.

(Copyright © 04/03 0

by Bob Gotti

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