My Daily Life

By means of surfing internet, I work hard at night.
I do not go to sleep until my poem is alright.
The noises of birds wake me up in the the morning.
Music comes from terrace where gymnasts are dancing.
In spring, I get up earlier to enjoy fresh flower.
Children welcome me because I am their player.
My daily life is same as all common people.
I do exercise as a habit which makes me cheerful.

Chinese paintings & calligraphy about all Charles Wu's poems

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by Charles WOO

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A wanton knows its mission
This is an excellent poem! ! ! I read it in my college composition class for the first time. The professor put us in groups to discuss what we thought the poem was about. I knew what it was about but I was too embarrassed to say it was about a ding a ling! ! ! Love this poem…
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