Down With Cyber Bullying

Down with cyber bullying it ought to be treated as a serious crime
It has brought young victims to suicide years from their life's prime
For to drive their young victims to an early grave
For the cyber offenders such a cowardly way to behave

The people to others with such a bad attitude
Down with cyber bullies they are far worse than rude
Cyber bullies ought to feel ashamed of the type of people they are
They carry their dislikes and jealousies beyond too far

Due to cyber bullying another young woman did suicide today
For such obnoxious criminal behavior the offender should be made to pay
That such people drive good young people to suicide is to their great shame
Cyber bullies for them does seem too good a name

Down with cyber bullying it is a vile offense
Those who carry out such a practice are devoid of all sense
Completely lacking in compassion or any sort of empathy
They deserve what they do give and that is not sympathy.

by Francis Duggan

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