TE (December 27,1985 / )


Every piece of my world is falling around me, spiraling out of control.
There's nothing I can do to stop the havoc which is compiling around me.

No matter how great the outside seems to be, on the inside it feels like I'm dying. My life is a rollercoater of emotion and angst. Never do I feel
whole, by empty to what I can offer.

A piece of mind I don't have, a sense of clarity is lost, self-esteem is few and far between most days. Damaged is what my heart can be called.

The world around me has become black, a dark bottomless pit. This downfall is damaging my spirit and making my heart stricken with sickness. I'd like to say you made me feel like this, but no one is to blame, for I can't dig myself out of this rut I've laid before me.

Downfall is what I'm encomposing, failure I won't accept, but before I'm truly damaged, I need to seek God's help and repent.

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