It will be a small flat,
with a decent view
of downtown
buried in rain,
cloud and people
I will work at a restaurant,
and ride my black bicycle there
and everywhere.
In my wallet I will possess a bus pass
I diligently renew monthly.
Girls will come into my life
and leave,
a small television
will sit in the corner
on a desk
and a laptop will live
on my bed,
a futon with a wooden frame,
black mattress and
blue queen sized sheets.
Friends will be made,
pool shot,
yoga exercised,
poetry read
and made.
The rain will come often
but always eventually the sun
will follow.

by Jon Edward Walker

Comments (3)

Sounds like a very nice life Jon. I hope yours is really that simple and easy! Sincerely, Mary
what is the rent on a place like that? great piece, man. Jake
Sounds very bohemiem Jon, Save a seat for me! lol What a lovely prospect to look forward to. The simple life is such an untapped treasure. 10 from smilling broadly, Tai