Dr. B. C. Roy

Poem By Sankhajit Bhattacharjee

You are the embodiment of law-
the finest justice and higher court yourself.
A doctor heals the patients
from slavery of diseases,
a freedom fighter heals the nation
from slavery of foreign rule.
The best CM of Bengal you are still today-
among trees you are banyan,
among flowers you are sunflower,
among birds you are peacock.
The pinkish hue of sun spreads over our state
to beautify her utter ugliness,
the ugliness faded into the black hole.

What I am going to heal I never know
but I will try my best
to heal my heart from slavery of sin.
My heart will spread its pinkish hue
to remove the utter ugliness of my mind, senses and body-
this hue will also purify other ugly souls.
Your personality, character and honesty
are the pillars of my progression,
the wheels of my chariot,
the steering of my car...

Comments about Dr. B. C. Roy

Great tribute to Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy who was an eminent Indian physician, educationist, philanthropist, freedom fighter and politician. Thanks for sharing.

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