Dr. John Celes - Bob Gotti

One never learns enough in life,
today would prove this fact,
one of my poems got in strife,
it was the name that lacked
a certain sensibility
and Paris took it off.
I sat here in futility
prepared to hiss and scoff.
It was the name that bothered them,
the leader's name at that
they asked to restitch at the hem
the poem as I sat.
So I did send an urgent mail
to Dr. Celes here
and one to Gotti to avail
myself of fact and fear.
The question was did I offend
by using this great name
and I expected they would send
an answer, solve this shame.
Well, Dr. Celes did just that
he was the wise one, yes
Bob Gotti though, just like a cat
wrote something you may guess.
It seems that he disliked my words
that criticised his preaching
I said that those religious nerds
should do their bloomin teaching
in church or far away from here
well Gotti did not love it
so he now had the chance, the dear
to tell this guy to shove it.

I think it shows what he's about
he'll give you hell damnation
I fail to see why he would shout
His word to all the nation.
There is no kindness and no love
but vengeance and raw anger,
but rest assured, the one above
he knows this bible banger.
So, Bob, go preach your stupid crap
just know when your time comes,
that God will get up from his nap
and asks you for your sums.
He will point out commandments too,
the ones you do not follow
it is a matter of the shoe-
it fits. And you are hollow.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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Yes, you've exposed Gotti for what I've always suspected he is