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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
TDP (December 13,1993 / Dekalb Medical Hospital)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King had one special dream
That blacks and whites came together as one
But really this dream has just begun
When King was a child
He was a blessed one indeed
He brought us together in just one speech
King stood his ground with one fierce frown
He gave us the strength to march in the crowd
When the day came to march, many was afraid
But still had heart, we marched and marched
Into a brand new start
Another day came, when he said
“I Have A Dream”
He gave his best in that one speech
King stepped out one day and got shot
To many of us, that was losing a lot
But we stood up, and we stand strong
Like Corretta Scott King, now that they’re gone
But his dream stands alive
In proud and honor we still have pride
King was someone, who took a stand
King was someone, known as a brave man
A part of his dream, was that his four children grew up
Without being judged by the color of their skin
Dr. Martin Luther King
Was beaten without sense
But his name and dream still lives with remembrance
There was a time when he said
“I Have A Dream Today”
Well I have something I’d like to say
Blacks killing blacks and whites killing whites
It seems to me that this dream isn’t right
Dr. King spoke his word
We should live it aloud
We should live it right
We should live it proud

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