Dr Sues, We Hardly Knew Ye...

Poem By Jason Elster

It appears I feel I must break a pattern.
This new layout I feel will start to madden.
But fear not
For this is just a one off
And I’d quite like to go off on a tangent.
The poet I admire the most would be Dr Sues.
The creatures he creates are extremely crude.
But what I really like is how he makes every last word rhyme.
That must take up a lot of his time.
Was Dr Sues really a Doctor?
I didn’t know writing poetry was such a prime factor
In being able to determine ones physical structure.
Ooh, I’m already having trouble, you can probably tell.
I’ll make this line easy, I want to yell!
But what to yell?
Maybe about how I fell?
Oh and how I fell, down that big dark well.
A well, that went far into the ground.
Now what shape do wells take again?
That’s right, they’re…..

Comments about Dr Sues, We Hardly Knew Ye...

Cartoons don't lie Amy...they don't lie.
Wells are brown and round! But more brown than round. In fact they aren't really round at all. When you think about it they are made up of a ring of bricks, but those bricks have straight, hard surfaces, so really wells are like...octagons, only with more faces. So no they aren't round...you're wrong!
No. It's round! Wells are round!
How much LSD do you think he was on?
...but what a guy...he knew how take language into a format that children could and would want to read for themselves...that is genius: -)

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