Draconic Awakening

would that you had not come

and undone several year's work

of painstakingly-wrought

chains and armor

forged of dark lessons

squeezed from the dregs

of nights beside you

silent, icy, lightning is growing

in fulminating clouds of despair and longing,

jabbed awake by pikes of a twisted, subhuman nature

striking, striking repeatedly

on the scales of this armor,

weakening, finally, breaking it

in the deafening silence

of solitary rooms

filled with you, only you

what malicious glee would do this,

thinking me sport for

destructive enjoyment impune?

what unthinking childishness

with obnoxious demanding, whining,

seemingly commanding voice,

with barely-clothed polity,

would try to clothe a dragon

with domesticated drudgery

with nary a thank you note?

woe to all below the darkened air of wingshadow

tremble at the roll of rumbled warning

and cower beneath what dismal roof

you can find, for i will strike,

oh i will strike

no fiery breathe to warn you,

no golden sparks to light your escape,

no magic cloak to protect you from coldest pain,

and no more armor to keep,

yea, no more chains to keep

this rage at bay.

hold your candles close

because i come

nay, not to lift a heavy hand

as you have so often claimed in times past,

gather your books together

because i come,

not to paint purple arms

as your self-portraits on flesh

are good enough,

pack your dusty little trinkets because i come,

not to stop holding house for you

as you have never done me,

You count my alleged injustices against me

as a miser gleefully hides each unearned coin

in a favorite piggybank

and paint me with vocal acid in broad strokes

of your vigorous tongue, or sketch me with

hidden letters to ones who would believe your plight

aah, i come

to shred your miasmic veils

of deluded righteousness

and self-pity unbound

armed with simple light of day

and your bags

packed neatly

and carefully

for you

outside the gate

of my green,

green house.

02: 26 7/23/2002

03: 45 7/25/2002

by Fernando Ayala

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