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Poem By Oropher Tîwele

He was on his way to see the one true love.

As he came around the curvy bend, he came upon a roadblock.

Big, Red, Fierce and Mean as he appeared to be

He gave a fierce roar….

Every time he thought of the one he adores

The thoughts of her would calm him down…..

Trying to think how he could get back on track to his love or

Try to find the right road, he would not willow about his love.

He took another road this one was not where his love was.

He wondered if this was what was meant to be,

or was there another route that he hadn’t seen.

Was this roadblock there for another reason he wasn’t sure of it.

Had this been the way it was suppose to end for him.

Was he to stand still at the curvy bend.

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