TLG (13 December 1940 (Friday) / Long Beach, California USA)


by Ted L Glines
In my little aeroplane
flying way up high,
zooming through the lands of clouds
so white and grand and high,
I fly the cloudy canyons,
swoop and climb each fluffy peak,
as the angels gild with lightning
the misty mysteries I seek,
but best of all, the deep blue caves,
the greatest thrill they give,
gliding, turning, deep inside,
for here - the dragons live,
and when I come back down to earth,
I never say a thing,
they'd be so vexed and jealous
'cause I've heard the dragons sing.

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You do know about us dragons, eh? I ran across some of your work in an old copy of Art With Words, and looked you up on Google to find you here. So I've joined and added a few of my pens as well. I love your writing style. Write On! DragonBlue aka: Maylynn Hughes
Seems man has a way of coveting that which others have experienced. Thankfully there are poets like you who can share the experience through words that evoke wondrous images. I like the airy feel of this, your word choice is stellar.