Poem Hunter
MT (28/10/70 / Staffordshire, England)


Raise those sails, let the wind drive you
Push you to those sandy shores
Where I will be waiting
Upon the beach for you

With a gallon of love and a barrel of wine
And those stories to make hearts untwine
A walk along those strong cliffs
Where we will unravel the myths

The magic is held in the gorgeous air
People will stop and stare
Because that's all they can do
When they see the spirits of two

Two people who understand life's hell
The battles of dragons, and horses and men
Whilst the wispy mist envelops us
We can blow away the dirt and dust

So join me, on those heathered plains
Where the sun and moonlight play in vain
Where love and fear become one
And then, my dear, we will have fun.

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Comments (3)

'With a gallon of love and a barrel of wine' - what more could anyone ask for :) Hugs Anna xxx
Ah, yes you will most certainly have fun and joy everywhere, no cares as you've got the wine.....love it Michelle...........marci :) Are you speaking of the shore I'm thinking of? ? ? :)
'With a gallon of love and a barrel of wine' your beloved is lucky indeed. Clair