Was born, raised in Iran
-proudly confess I:
- "Am of the mix blood."

Ancestors to parents
-can be of Babylon
-Assyria, India

Whatever I maybe, am hybrid…
-all the way to Hijaz.

Therefore, I love them all
-being Lor, Kurd, Baluch
-to Arab, Azari
-to Tarem, Mashadi
-Kharazmi, Ganjavi;
-you name it…

I want well for the world
-most of all for nation
-that for me, has been, is
-the base and cradle
-has fed me, taken care.

I have been and will be
-against and opposite
-to any abuser
-being shah or Mullah
-whatever, robe, crown.

But can and will join them,
-will even work with them
-if against USA or Moscow.

So please both of you foreigners
-leave us and go away,
-let me be against them.

Hey Putin and Donald
-their puppets, faithful dogs
-in any rank, low, high…
-for Moscow or White House
-for devils of Arabs
-or any external
-go please' go shut up,
-let me be against them.

Let me be strong.
Let me feel I have right.
Let me keep fight as fight.

We know you well enough
-to distance, not trust
-each of you is devil.

We know you always choose
-some puppets and actors
-to serve you, use power
-as soon as they settle
-on the horse or camel.

We have seen how they too
-suck blood, behave as vampires.

We saw the dictator
-who was dog in Kabul
-and saw them in Tabriz
-sawed hands, legs
-sucked blood of nation…

We want the mullahs gone
-as stood against shah
-neither one has been ours
-they succumbed to devils
-served Moscow, Washington…

That is not what we want.

Our needs are clear
-we know that as nation
-we need peace among us;
-are aware, we need love,
-we must roll our sleeves
-serve ourselves in oneness.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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