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DD (07-25 / Monrovia Liberia)


Poem By Dekontee Dukuly

All this Drama
Men, Women
Baby daddies
Baby mamas

All this Drama
Having grown men
Acting like teens
Going insane,
What a pain

All this Drama
Loose Twats
Given away in carts,
Just like magic
What tragic

All this Drama
Transgression in Progression
From every direction
Polluting our young

All this Drama
Criminals are now commoners,
In our communities
And it's no longer
Government's responsibility

All this Drama
The sheep
Are not being shepherd
Lord, you are our only Protector

All this Drama
When Treachery
And Travesty are
Now treasures
Everywhere is Trepidation

All this Drama
The uprights are
Replaced by uproarious people

All this Drama
Tracing is all
We can do to
Find our young
Ones that's gone missing

All this Drama
Husbands have
become Monstrous
And Wives Disastrous

All this Drama
Pain is all we gain
And Women
No longer seen as Queens

All this Drama
Hunger, Genocide
God! I know you
Hear your children cries

All this Drama
Drug Addictions
All now consider

All this Drama
Terrorist protestiong
Religion all this

All this Drama
Faith and peace
Is all we need
to overcome in
All this Drama

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