Drama And Everything After

Vindicate me if you can.
Over the weakened times of
Dali clocks drum beat, and its
Killing me
Again, slow as a bitter pill.

Katydids sing the song
Everytime you smile in the mirror,
Exuding all things woman, and I'm
Pushing myself away from
Security's fleece blanket.

Melodramatic as it all is, we're
Examining every hopeful possibility.

Wear me close to you
Arranged with the jewels
Reminiscent of other more
Morose love affairs...

Bring me to mind
Understand yourself and
There I shall be waiting.

Latticework of orange roses and
Opulent jasmine bring
Volatile passion
Inside the temple yard
Not knowing the crime
Given to them by our desire...

Yet we remain
Over the miles and time
Unconnected and condemned.

Marry me with no restraint
After the new moon,
Knowing you are the magic
Energy that holds me and keeps
Sanity on my tongue with your taste.

Mysteries all come to
Erotic ends of revelation.

Only you can take your
Nude figure and
Elevate me to the godhood
Love demands, and still
You haunt me.

by Tsani Jones

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...'and still you haunt me'... a beautiful ending to a fascinating and ethereal read. Thank you, Tsani. I enjoyed this immensely. Love, Fran xx