Drape Our World In Fantasy

As I twist in braids my uncombed mane
As I sit and slowly go insane
As I wait and dance within the rain
Still I love the pain of living
Still the pain of love is giving,
Of feeling and healing with emotion
Attempting through a heart’s redemption to seal the wounds of worry
And drifting an ocean deep of sleepless fear
Rising upon the winds of confidence
To shatter the defences of the insecurities
That we have developed in our step.
Hear I am, trying to help you forget
All that you allow to never set upon
The horizons of your mindscape.

It is not to escape but to embrace
The hands of fate and still know
That always and ever we have the power
To drape our world in fantasy.
To adorn a desert in blank canvas snow.

No mockery of reality is this
For imagination is wisdoms bliss
Alike the kiss of the girl I’m missing.

by David Lacey

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