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Drawing A Line In The Sand
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Drawing A Line In The Sand

Did you ever think how meaningless it is
When someone has a cause
And says, 'I've drawn a line in the sand! '
As if this has meaning to their fellow man.

A line in the sand is quickly erased by wind and water
Which brings nature back to perfect order,
Unblemished by those who use a stick
To draw an imaginary limit on an issue, they pick.

They, like their cause will fade from sight
As the mark created for their own delight,
To impress like minded ones that they've been there,
And that they, 'Really Care! '

If they had the courage of their convictions,
It would be 'Etched in Stone' without correction.
There for all to see and remember that once
Passed this way was one, who now is gone,
But made a mark for others to see
That's recorded permanently.

A visit to the resting place
Of those who served in the Nation's grace.
Lived and died so that all could share
The freedom they gave up without a care.

Those stones that stand so silent and tall;
On them are etched words to remind us all
That freedom is not free
And another sacrificed his (or hers) for you and me.

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this is so very powerful. i love it