RS (July 21,1980 / New York)


Nothing extraordinary about that day in May
The earth did not shatter or crumble
Innocence taken by armed men in the bush

But such is the way in the Congo
Though they slaughter and kill
The earth just sits still and ignores the violence below

No one comes to the aid of the child or the maid
But such is the way in the Congo.

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http: // Map To Cloud Nine ============================= Elegant Charm Personified By None Other But Her Two Halves Of The Same Heart That Beats Within My Honor For Her... In Adoration This Heart Of Mine That Exists To Praise Her To The Gods... The Infinite Hyperbole Just As Her Voice Always Brings A Smile Where Smile Is Warm And Inviting To A Kiss A Face... As Smile... As Eyes To Yearn... As I Heart To Love... I'm A Heart Broken On The Mend To Every Time Her Voice Heals My Heart Broke Whenever Other Women Have Failed... A Day Without Her Voice... Mends Whenever I Hear Her Again Ah... That Voice... Such Range... Soothes The Lion Heart I Exist Whenever She's Present Her Charm And Whimsical Grace... Harkens Me To Feel Alive A Present Gift Of Peace This Tendency Toward An Eskimo Kiss A Lion Inside This Heart Of Mine... Blankets The Pain That Cease To Be All Cuddly And Snuggle-Warmth As I Gaze Into Those Eyes Of Hers... A Voice In Ways I Hadn't Before Echoes Seen Through Her In Mind And Find Myself With Her Beside While Lost To Factors Long Ago Innocence Now Restored Alive As My Childhood Reborn With Her My Inner Heart Of Mind In Youth Her Every Lilt And Syllabant Comforts Me To Lasting Long With Love Forever More For Her As Echo-Fade When Rise To Yearn Into The Embodiment Of Matrimony... As We Coalesce In Heaven's Light Extends Together Out Beyond The Duration Of Our Life I Caress Your Smile With My Lips As Our Timeless Love Is Forever Our Bond Would Be Everlasting To Hold You Oh So Near... Your Smile... So Inviting Our Hearts To Open Embrace... As Our Kiss I Would Hold... And To Never Let Go The Awe A Second Deprived Of Your Voice Feels Like Two Millennium Condensed For Every Second You Are Gone For The Peace I Am Without I'm Trying Say I Love You With My Inner Voice-Thought... Within A Microcosm Of A World Made In Two... Love With You We Two Exist For Each Other A Gift For All Time... An Adulthood Begun Together When Betrothed To At Birth... The Perfect Gift Would Be You With Me As Each Moment Is Treasured Non Stop... Measured Out To An Eternity As Us A Gift Of Time As We Traverse Heart When Heaven Sent Love... From Your Lips To My Ears From Me To You And Back Again A Whisper Hush Of Smiles
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http: // Sentiment To Attraction... ======================= A Life In Three Acts Minus The Denouement Coda To A Question Mark Finale Silence Profound Upon A Future Not Yet Nor Profound A Form But Past In Lack Of What?
The Universal Daydream Nights ======================================= The Moons Rise In Your Eyes A Dual Moon Reflection As I Look To You I See Two Of What... When One With You Is Awe When Us Could There Ever Be A Love So Natural As Seen From You... The Stereoscopic Of A Celestial Body Up Above But Closer Still As I Look To You As Heavenly A Body As The Moon But A Reflection-Hope Closer To Hold The Heavens In My Arms In Reaching Out A Haven In My Arms In Touching You Truth To Heaven In A Broken Heart When Looking To The Skies Above You See Afar Away Earth's Only Moon While I Look Closer In At You A Starry Eyed Reflection Into Moons In Your Duo-Pair Of Eyes You See The Moon But I Can Always See The Two In You The Only Moon Reflected In Both Eyes Where Creation Of One Into Two Can Only Exist As I Look To You While Our Eyes Can Meet But Not Yet Touch Long Enough For Me To Hold You In My Heart A Mutual Transfixation That Can Not Be For As Long A Duration That There Is A Night When Afar Away We Are Alone Not Holding Each Other As Transfixed Like You With Moon And The Divide Without As Afar Away We Are Within Is You To See The Up Above And I To See You From Afar Away So Near Enchantment Transfixes You To The Moon While I As Equally More Enchanted Still Of You In Person In My Eyes That All In Eventual Learn The True Celestial Close Where There Are More Heavens Here Than What's Above While Here On Level Ground Where Some Can't Feel The Impossible Truth To Know When Two Can Grow To Exist As Reflection In Both Our Eyes As You Look Up... I Look To You As I Yearn To The Eventual Look To Me As Heaven Can Only Exist In The Immediacy Of You Or Up Into Lunar Stardust We Rise In Hand In Hand, We Exist As One As We Swim Together In Our Pupil Oceanus Love' Lunar As They Are At Night And Eclipsing As They Are To Sun Like A Sea Of Love Over Years I've Lost And Found Then Lost And Then Found Again I See Two Moons Of What Can Always Shine When The Fantastic Can Come True To Everyone The Daydream Nights Become Real For You In Lovelorn Need, Always Love There Be An Ideal That's Always Been A Dream Of Awe So Lets Hope It Shines As Eternal Full Moon And Never As Phase As Dark As New Moon Night.
http: // Un abbraccio di salita di esistere ============================== I'm A Relic Of A Bygone Era Antique To Most My Age Although In Modern Most Times I'm Brittle To Hold In Risk To Disintegrate In Her Hands If Not Careful And Gentle To Read And As Easily To Break My Heart As A Parchment Of Romance Centuries Old When 30 Years Young... Virgin To The Touch This Awe I Feel For This Woman... In Every Man To Hear... To See The Look In Her Eyes... That Would Lay My Knees To Knock A Quiver Quaver... And My Heart To Rapid Thump... To Gaze Into Her Eyes Like No Other Man... Before Me Or Ever Since... To Have Her Close To Smell Her Pheromones Intermingle With My Own... To What Comes Natural To A High... When As High As Two Lovebirds Flying High With Each Other... Or Like Two Bunnies Procreating To Give Rise To More Of Love... Forever With Our Hearts In Charm's Adulation... To Ascend Higher In Spirit Form When In Love Forever More... Births Imbued... With Only Her As Unique A Woman As There Could Ever Be... When She Made Me With Those Eyes... Attracting The Instinctive Me To Feel... Reaching Out To Hold Her Close To Always Being True... To An Amorous Look Of Warmth Hot Enough To Melt Away My Heart... So She Could In An Instant Mold Me To Exist... As A Boy And Not Yet A Man Alone In Love With Her I Would Forever Be Up To Going Anytime And Anywhere For An Always Is A Life Together Chiming Hourly And Forever If She Were To Tag Along Arm And Arm With Me Always By My Side... Because A Man Is Always Most Handsome In Relation To The Beauty She Exudes And Shines Beside There The Always Room For Love... Can't Have Enough... But Its Not How You Or She Appears... But The Smiles You Share Between Each Other Even During The Times Of Silence In Every Awkward Side Long Glance Until You And She Are One With Comfort And Ease Of Good Times To Treasure Are Like A Memory Album To Reminisce And Reflect The Times You Share Together Like A Great Love Song Of Thought Set To Timelessness Beyond Besides... She Is The Sweetness And Nice... There's No One Most Sweet Than Sweetness Personified... To Be As Close As When Her Arms Embrace Around My Person... The Warmth... And Genuine Love Sparks The Amorous Feel To Embrace Her Back...To Return As Innocent... Of A Gesture As A Hug... Is To Return... The Innocence Of Amour... Where Be It First Love... Only Love... And Life Long Interlocked Together As Arms Wrapped Around Each Other In A Girl You Love From Afar Away Or Close In Heart So Real To Hug.
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