Waiting for a car to come
I sat on a bar dome
Felt a black smoke all over
Trying to escape I ran very far
Going faster, I saw my mom
Suddenly stopped and foot fixed to the road by gum
Removed my boots and kept it on footpath to dry
Snake came hissing towards and I started to cry
Ran far and I was in a garden
Beside me was an old man with a gun
Far away was land covered with sand
Layers of dust covered my hand
Middle of nowhere, a well full of water
Waiting for someone to provide a shutter
Inside was another person resembling me
staring at me as if he was at acme
Leaning forward took a closer look
Slipped because of sandy glue could not hook
Falling down faster than I can even think
Nose beak almost touching the surface of water tank
Panting and searching for air to breathe, I blinked
And I was in a dark room lying on a bed

Just a dream was it
But felt as if near death pit

by AnilKumar Sharma

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