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Dreaded Goodbye
NLC (6/11/76 / )

Dreaded Goodbye

Poem By Nancy L Cohen

I feel like my days are numbered.
I start to cling to every moment, not wanting to lose one second.
My heart aches for what is to come.
I can not stop it!
It has to happen, but oh how that moment is dreaded.
That moment where my feet leave this foreign soil,
and a plane takes me thousands of miles away from you.
I should carry on bravely knowing you will come.
I can not let go of this feeling of how much I will miss you.
How do we do this?
You said now times will be hard.
YES! It will be hard not touching you everyday.
It will be hard not seeing you everyday.
It will be hard not hearing your voice everyday.
It will be hard just knowing I can’t get into my car and drive to you.
It will be hard that when my plane lands you won’t be on the other end.
I know this is not a final goodbye.
Nevertheless it is a dreaded goodbye.

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