Faith, i do not come to soon
nor abiding with the rules of doom
trotting away from burdened life of thought
tickling and fighting mostly sobbing more

Shadowy grave, above head of thought
Never bleeding until distressing
Suffering yet still trotting on and on
no choice of stopping, only unwillingly

Cradle lost and never came back
History, another life which may seem forever
No touching of contacting glee brought by sensing emotion
Growling and howling madness at its peek

Trespassing nobody to see me entering
Responding in sorrow for those still asleep
I Dread, I Dread and I Dread still dreading
Put me back to sleep so not to be alone

Everyone is still laying down and dreaming
Smiles, eyes shut, makes me shout in horror
Alone, may be forever trotting and trotting a lot
Dreading i keep dreading, never to close my eyes again

by August de Leon

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i like this piece. very mysterious. nice one.